Some condo purchasers desire to have just the interior of their condos inspected prior to purchase. At Key Inspection Services, we don’t recommend this type of inspection, but we will perform it if you desire.

An interior only inspection means that no commonly owned areas of the condominium will be inspected. The inspection will include electrical in the condo, major appliances, plumbing, etc. It will not include common walls, structure of the building, etc.

When customers request this type of inspection it is usually because the condo they’re purchasing is fairly new, but has had a previous owner for a short period of time. These customers mostly want to ensure that they are fully aware of the wear and tear the first owner has left on the condo.

The reason we don’t recommend this type of inspection is because it leaves out the condition of the building and systems that apply to all owners. As a buyer, if one of these systems breaks, you are responsible for a portion of the repair as an owner in the complex. Even if the complex is fairly new, there could be repairs coming down the road.

Interior only inspections also don’t discuss homeowner dues, and whether or not the monthly amount being paid is sufficient to cover unexpected expenses. During a full inspection, we would look at past assessments, and whether or not there is a surplus in the fund sufficient to cover large maintenance items in the near future, as well as unexpected problems.

We strive to satisfy our Seattle area customer base. If an interior condo inspection is your desire, we’re happy to perform one. But, keep in mind, you might not be getting the full picture.