When was the last time you went in your attic, on your roof, or in your crawlspace…probably like most people never 🙂

“Your home is by far your biggest investment, both financially (appreciation in value) and also health and safety.”

Think about it!

Do you know what safety hazards linger in your home while you sleep…o’ so scary 🙂

What you don’t know can be costly…but we can help! and do it at a substantial discount through the month of January to February 28th.

Now just $299 with a $35 coupon for a buyers inspection*

In our 10 years of business in Washington we have never given this offer and an amazing offer that will be short lived. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity.

Watch our video below and you’ll learn how we do a home safety inspection of your own decking system.

Do you know what the best $20 investment that could save your life 

Do you know what are the top 5 safety hazards for small children, elderly, and small dogs 

An once of prevention can save you 1000’s in unwanted repairs….

Do you know the $3 bathroom repair that can cost you thousands if not properly installed 

If you are receiving this email you’re getting this from a top quality real estate professional who wants to make sure you are staying on top of your investment to ensure you and your family have a long and healthy life in your great home.

We will thoroughly inspect and provide a detailed inspection report including photos of concerns of: your siding, roofing, attic, crawlspace, water heater safety hazards, heating system for age determination & safety hazards, bathroom for moisture intrusion, electrical panel for recall. We will thoroughly inspect your home with 2 licensed home inspectors for 90 minutes detailing the top concerns you should be focusing on repairing sooner then later and outlining a time frame for future investments.

Feel free to call me directly us to discuss our pricing, ask technical questions, whatever details you need, I’m here and happy to assist. This is a special only until Feb 15th and only through this link from your real estate professional. You will not see this offer advertised anywhere else besides from a link from your Real Estate Professional. To take advantage of this offer please give me a call directly to discuss.
Farren West #206.931.0506

And as an added benefit. Be sure to ask Brian & Mark for your FREE electrical safety gift & How to get your FREE home maintenance DVD covering 250 home maintenance projects.

*Only for home owners or home sellers not applicable to home buyers and cannot be combined with any other offers.

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*Size Limitation to 2,500 sq ft and age under 25 years old. Additional charges will apply if larger or an older home.