Question Number 10 Can I Have Only the Interior of My Condo Inspected?

Some condo purchasers desire to have just the interior of their condos inspected prior to purchase. At Key Inspection Services, we don’t recommend this type of inspection, but we will perform it if you desire. An interior only inspection means that no commonly owned areas of the condominium will be inspected. The inspection will include […]

Question Number 9 What is a New Construction Inspection?

Many new homeowners purchasing new construction are surprised to hear us say that they need a home inspection before moving in. It’s easy to believe that since everything is new, there’s no reason for an inspection. But, here in the Seattle area, we encourage new homeowners to have a new construction inspection before closing and […]

Question Number 8 Is a Condo Inspection Different From a Home Inspection?

Many people ask if condos really need to be inspected, and if the same inspectors that perform home inspections can perform condo inspectors. At Key Inspection Services, we certainly can’t speak for home inspectors everywhere, but we do perform condo inspections, here in the Bellevue and Kirkland areas. They are a lot like home inspections […]

Question Number 7 Should I Have Any Specialized Inspections?

Last week, in question number six, we talked about specialty items in your home, like swimming pools, security systems and hot tubs that are not covered in general home inspections. Answering that question leads homeowners to ask if there are specialized inspections that they need in addition to their regular home inspection. Of course, if […]

Question Number 6 What’s Excluded from the Inspection?

When you’re buying a home, you typically rely heavily on the inspection report to help you to determine several things. These include: • Do I really want to buy this house, based on problems that are present? • Are there repairs I should ask the current owner to make before closing? • Am I prepared […]

Question Number 5 How Will Areas of Concern Show Up on My Report?

We all know that home inspection reports tend to be large and full of details. An inspection report should tell the story of a home, and should go into detail about all major areas. But, it’s also important that the areas where problems exist are highlighted. A good home inspector ensures that the trouble spots […]

Question Number 4 What Details Should I Expect on My Inspection Report?

Even if you’ve been present during your inspection, and have received a verbal description of all the issues your home inspector found, your report is very important. The written inspection report not only serves as documentation for you regarding the issues you’ll be facing if you buy this house, but it also is the tool […]

Question Number 3 When Will I Get My Inspection Report?

Most prospective homebuyers have their pre purchase inspection completed during their due diligence period. This means that they have a very short window to request repairs or back out of their contract based on the inspection results. So, as you can imagine, most prospective homebuyers are anxious to get their inspection report. Reputable home inspectors […]

Question Number 2 What is the Home Inspection Process?

We’ve all been told that we need to schedule a home or condo inspection when we sign a contract on a home. But, we may not really know what to expect from the home inspection, so we don’t know if our inspector has done a thorough job or not. You should expect your home inspector […]

Question Number One – How Much Will a Home Inspection Cost?

We promised you we’d answer your top ten questions about home inspections, so here we go. One of the number one concerns about home inspections is the cost. The cost of home inspections does vary some by geographic area. Here in the Seattle area, you can expect to pay $400-$600 for a home inspection. The […]