Our Inspectors


Farren West, Company Owner and Founder


Not bad photo of FarrenSenior Inspector Farren West has a unique background encompassing more than fourteen years experience in the inspection industry, with an in-depth understanding and hands-on experience in the construction industry.

His skills and expertise enable him to complete a thorough inspection while providing every customer with an unparalleled client education and customer service experience. The process of buying a home can be a stressful one,  and we at Key Inspection Services take pride in providing another tool to assist you in making the correct buying/selling decision for you and your family.

Farren’s technical background includes the most extensive “Hands On” training available (300+ hours) and certification by Inspection Training Associates (ITA), a nationally recognized and highly regarded home inspection professional training school.

In his spare time, Farren enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and the outdoors.

Quick Facts:

  • Washington State Licensed Home Inspector #489ITA school logo
  • More than 12 yrs experience in Inspection Industry, including over 3,000 inspections in the State of WA
  • Technically Educated and certified by the Inspection Training Associates in Residential and Commercial Inspections (ITA).




Brian McDowell, Licensed Home Inspector


Brian Bio Pic small

Key Inspections is proud to have Inspector Brian McDowell on the team. Brian brings nearly three decades of building industry experience to the Key Inspection Services team. During his many years in the industry, Brian has worked as a General Contractor, Supervisor, and Project Manager. His analytic nature and calm demeanor make him an ideal inspector to show you the current condition of your home. Brian’s ability to communicate clearly and to support you regarding your purchase makes him an invaluable element of your decision making process.

Brian’s education through American Home Inspectors Training Institute gives you peace of mind and the security that your home has been inspected thoroughly and completely as described in the Standards of Practice. Your family will rest easyknowing the quality and safety of your home.

When Brian is not inspecting homes he enjoys time spent with Debra, the love of his life, and their two daughters. They can be found skiing, hiking and enjoying the abundant natural playground of the Pacific Northwest. Brian appreciates the security a safe home can bring to a family and wants to give that to his clients.

Washington State Licensed Inspector

Quick Facts:

  • Washington State Licensed Home Inspector #943
  • American Home Inspector Training Graduate
  • Nearly 3 decades of experience in the industry, including General Contracting and Project Management




Bob Gross, Licensed Home Inspector


Bob joined us from a national inspection company earlier this year and brings a unique skill set to the table. He has now been inspecting homes for over four years all over the Puget Sound area.

“My favorite part of being a home inspector is educating the clients about the home, so that they can make the decision that is right for them.”

Bob lives with his wife in Edmonds Washington.



Quick Facts:Naries School Logo

  • Washington State Licensed Home Inspector #1028
  • Worked in commercial construction for four years and home improvement for six years.
  • Graduated from the NARIES home inspection school in Edmonds.





Florin Man, Licensed Home Inspector


Florin Bio Pic CroppedFlorin Man, from Transylvania, Romania, is a seasoned jack of all trades: European certified in Home Design, Tourism Specialist, Glider Pilot, Certified EMT, Industrial Climber, Five Star International Bartender, Master Handyman, Reverse Engineering, IT Specialist…. and most importantly, Home Inspector.

Florin’s skills and expertise range from providing superior customer service to unparalleled attention to detail. He shows enthusiasm for helping the client completely understand the inspection process, and is very familiar and knowledgeable in ALL home systems. Florin has had the privilege to work with many nationalities while servicing world-class clientele on the highest of levels.


Florin invites clients to walk through the inspection process with him. He takes the time to explain every step of the inspection, making sure the client is comfortable, informed, and confident about their decisions.

When Florin is not inspecting, he is spending time with his wife, two kids, and big dog. They live in Mill Creek, WA. Together they love to hike, play outdoors, BBQ with neighbors, and keep up with the kids’ many activities.


Quick Facts:

  • Washington State Licensed Home Inspector #1471
  • Has over twenty years of home maintenance and repair background.
  • Is multilingual.





Brandon Ring, Licensed Home Inspector

Edited Brandon


Brandon comes to Key Inspection from a background of construction starting from when he was just a small child to a college education in construction management. He is also experienced in the music industry, I.T., networking, tele-communications, and search and rescue. Brandon went back to his roots of construction knowledge and got his license as a home inspector.

Brandon enjoys helping the customers understand their home. Home buying is a stressful experience and Brandon enjoys making it as painless and as fun as possible.

When Brandon is not inspecting, he spends time with his wife and daughter. You might be able to find him in the mountains climbing, hiking, camping, and backpacking

Quick Facts:

  • Washington State Licensed Home Inspector #1741
  • Construction management education from Edmonds Community College.
  • Experience with remodeling and building houses from the ground up.