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Question Number 9 What is a New Construction Inspection?

Many new homeowners purchasing new construction are surprised to hear us say that they need a home inspection before moving in. It’s easy to believe that since everything is new, there’s no reason for an inspection. But, here in the Seattle area, we encourage new homeowners to have a new construction inspection before closing and […]

Question Number 7 Should I Have Any Specialized Inspections?

Last week, in question number six, we talked about specialty items in your home, like swimming pools, security systems and hot tubs that are not covered in general home inspections. Answering that question leads homeowners to ask if there are specialized inspections that they need in addition to their regular home inspection. Of course, if […]

Question Number 6 What’s Excluded from the Inspection?

When you’re buying a home, you typically rely heavily on the inspection report to help you to determine several things. These include: • Do I really want to buy this house, based on problems that are present? • Are there repairs I should ask the current owner to make before closing? • Am I prepared […]