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Home for Sale? Don’t Forget the Outdoor Fall Touches

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We’re all aware that these are tough times for home sellers. The market is saturated with homes for sale, many of them at rock bottom prices. Traditional home sellers are competing with foreclosures and bank owned properties, so they may not be able to put a lot of money into getting their home ready for sale, if they want to be able to set a competitive price.

Many home stagers focus on outdoor touches in the spring, which is traditionally the most popular time to sell a home. But, don’t forget that fall is a great time for outdoor touches, too. Staging your home beautifully from the outside is a great way to make your home memorable in the minds of buyers. And, there are plenty of ways to make your home look fall fabulous without spending a lot of cash.

Start by making sure everything is clean. Pressure wash the house and driveway. Ensure that windows are sparkling. If your front door looks weathered or worn, give it a new coat of paint or stain. And, be certain that it doesn’t squeak or stick when opened.

Be certain to pull out any spent summer annuals right now. Those petunias are usually looking pretty ragged by September, so it’s a good time to replace them with fall flowers like mums or pansies.

Create a beautiful fall scene on your front porch with pumpkins, hay bales and potted mums. If you choose items that are more geared toward autumn, themes rather than Halloween themes, you’ll be able to leave them in place through Thanksgiving.

These few simple steps can make your house look gorgeous for fall without costing a fortune. It\’s a simple way to ensure that your house is one potential buyers will remember.

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