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Why get a Warranty inspection?

A warranty is plain and simple the single best investment to ensure you bought the home you paid for. Not a fixer, not a new home with known defects but a top quality well built home. And if the home wasn’t to your liking we’ll be sure to document your concerns and give a written report to ensure you are protected.

A warranty inspection is generally completed at the 11 month of your first year of ownership. This will help to identify anything that has changed in the first year of home ownership and alert the builder to needed repairs. Some items can be a simple as nail pops, cracked grout, paint chipping, to roof vents cracking, fungal growth in the attic, plumbing disconnected, rodent entry into the crawlspace. We do everything you would in a standard inspection minus testing the heat distribution, water, windows, doors, appliances, electrical panel inspection. Generally these items have been tested by you, the home owner, and we’ll note anything you would like to add to the report.

Don't Miss Your Warranty Inspection

Time is of the essence so schedule your home warranty today and prevent being the one having to pay for the repairs because you didn’t document and report them to your builder. After 22000+ inspections I can tell you first hand since 2016 this is the worst new construction we have seen. Houses are being built way to fast and with an unskilled workforce.

Protect your investment have an expert home inspector verify everything is operating as it should be. Schedule an inspection with Key Inspection Services today.