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Key Inspection Services: Providing professional home inspection services in Bellingham, Washington

Why Choose Key Inspection Services for Your Home Inspection in Bellingham, Washington

Key Inspection Services is one of the most respected, professional organizations of Home Inspectors in Bellingham and all of Western Washington. When you choose a Key Inspection Services Home Inspector, you will be working with a professional Home Inspector who has successfully completed the most rigorous technical examination and regulatory requirements in effect.

Our team takes pride in our onsite education of your home’s details as well as providing you with a thorough and easy-to-read inspection report that includes digital photos, a technical terms guide, and a home maintenance Guide.

Our Trusted Home Inspection Services

Whether you’re buying or selling a home in Bellingham, Washington, Key Inspection Services is here to help you make an informed decision.

Standard Home Inspection

We are focused on 4 Major areas of concern: Major Safety hazards, Structural Concerns, Components nearing or exceeding their design life and Components improperly installed.

Warranty Inspection

A warranty is plain and simple the single best investment to ensure you bought the home you paid for. Not a fixer, not a new home with known defects but a top quality well built home. And if the home wasn’t to your liking we’ll be sure to document your concerns and give a written report to ensure you are protected.

New Construction Inspection

A new home construction inspection is recommended for a variety of reasons. It is a minimal investment and you gain a good deal of a “peace of mind”.

Condo/Townhome Inspection

A condo/townhome inspection can cover all areas similar to a home inspection or the option for an ‘interior-only’ inspection.

Quick Numbers on Bellingham, Wa


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Why Move to Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham, Washington is known for its scenic beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities, and a strong sense of community. Some reasons people choose to move there include:

Natural Beauty: Bellingham is surrounded by mountains and the Puget Sound, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and breathtaking views.

Growing Economy: Bellingham has a diverse and growing economy with a thriving downtown area and plenty of job opportunities.

Quality of Life: With a low cost of living, good schools, and a strong sense of community, Bellingham consistently ranks high on lists of best places to live.

Outdoor recreation: The area offers abundant opportunities for hiking, biking, boating, skiing, and other outdoor activities.

Proximity to Major Cities: Bellingham is located close to Seattle and Vancouver, making it an ideal location for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a smaller city while still having access to the amenities of larger urban areas.

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