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Is Your Kitchen Ready for Inspection?

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Each area of your home will get some special attention from the home inspector. So, for the next few weeks, we\’re going to focus on one individual area of the home, helping you ensure that it is ready for inspection. This week, we\’ll talk about what you can expect when your kitchen is inspected.

The two major categories of inspection in your kitchen include plumbing and appliances, since most of your major appliances are located there.

In terms of plumbing, you can expect the inspector to check for leaks, and to ensure that the faucet and spray wand work properly. He will also check your p-trap for proper installation and ensure that the drain runs free and downhill. Be certain to clean out or reorganize the cabinet under the kitchen sink to ensure he has easy access.

• The inspector will likely run your dishwasher, to ensure that it works properly and does not leak. He will also check that the dishwasher is properly secured into the cabinet and that the drain is properly installed.

• Your stovetop and oven will be inspected and turned on, to ensure that they work properly. Be sure there is nothing stored in your oven and no flammable material near your stovetop. The inspector will ensure that the oven door has a secure handle and that it closes properly. If you have a freestanding stove, he will check for an anti-tip bracket.

• Your stove hood will also be checked to ensure that it is properly secured to the cabinet, to ensure that it works properly and that the vent to the outside is properly sealed.

• When it comes to your microwave, the inspection is pretty simple. He will ensure that it works, and that the lights work. If the microwave is located under an upper cabinet, he may also check that it is secured properly to the cabinet.

• Your refrigerator will be checked to ensure that it works properly. If you have an icemaker/water feature, these will be checked for leaks, too.

• You can also expect your garbage disposal to be checked to ensure that it is operational, and that there is no exposed Romex wiring it.

• Finally, your electrical outlets will be tested and the inspector will look for any unsafe wiring in the kitchen.

If you have other large appliances in your kitchen, like a wine refrigerator, you can expect these to be inspected, as well. The inspector is simply trying to ensure that everything works properly, and is safe to operate.

Next week, we’ll talk about ensuring that your bathrooms can pass inspection.

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