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Getting Your Bathroom Ready for Inspection

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When it comes to inspecting your bathroom, you may have already guessed that the home inspection or condo inspection will mostly be concerned with plumbing. There are several things the inspector will be looking for related to your bathrooms\’ plumbing, as well as some other items.

One issue your inspector will take a look at is water pressure. The inspector will likely flush the toilet while the shower and sink faucet are running to ensure that water pressure remains consistent.

Another important item the inspector will check for is water leaks. Bathroom water leaks can often be found around faucets and toilets, as well as under the bathroom sinks and around showerheads. The inspector will also be looking for past leaks that might have caused water damage under bathroom cabinets and around the toilet.

The next areas that the home inspection will be concerned with are proper seals around all of your bathroom fixtures. These include grout around your sinks, shower and tub, as well as the wax ring that holds your toilet into place. He will also check grout in shower tiles, if applicable.

Finally, your inspector will be checking for some other common safety problems, like properly working GFCI protection, tempered glass in showers and basic electrical safety. Bathroom fans and vents will be checked to ensure they vent properly to the outside.

In order to be prepared for a home inspection, it\’s a good idea to ensure that the inspector can access the area under the sinks, as well as the shower and the tub. In addition, you should be prepared for him to have good access to all areas of the bathroom for checking for leaks and moisture damage. Next week, we\’ll talk about ensuring that your laundry room is ready for inspection.

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