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The Danger Lurking on the Other Side of Your Doggie Door

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Doggie doors are ingenious devices. They can save homeowners thousands of dollars in cleanup each year as well as eliminating a lot of steps! They also make life more comfortable and enjoyable for our pets. They are easy to install and very cost effective too.

But, before you install that doggie door, give careful consideration to where you put it. Many homeowners place doggie doors at the door from their home to their garage and then from the garage to the outdoors. This is great for your pet, since they can get rid of dirty feet in the garage before coming into the house.

But, there are a few things you should know before you install that doggie door.

1. You may be creating a security breach to your home. Particularly if you have a large doggie door, you may be creating a hole that a human can use to break into your house.
2. Doggie doors between the house and garage breach your firewall. That door that allows Fido in and out of the garage could also allow a fire that starts in your garage to easily spread into your home.
3. Doggie doors between the garage and the home can let carbon monoxide into your home. If you do decide to install a doggie door between your home and garage, never let the car run with the garage door closed.

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