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Out of town guests can be a lot of fun. But, they can create some stress, too. During the days and hours just before they arrive, you’ll no doubt be busy buying last minute groceries and ensuring that the guest room is ready. So, it’s a good idea to take some steps to ready your home for guests early in advance, so that you’re not worried about these items at the last minute.

Many of us take lots of time preparing our home to ensure that it\’s comfortable and beautiful, but we may not take the time to ensure that it\’s safe. This is especially true if our guest quarters are located in an area of our home that we don’t use regularly. So, before those guests arrive for Thanksgiving, be sure to check out the following items in your home.

1. Handrails. Wobbly handrails on staircases can be dangerous, especially when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit. Ensure that bannisters are tight and safe.
2. Smoke Alarms. We may forget to ensure that smoke alarms are in working order and have fresh batteries, particularly if they\’re located in an area of our home we seldom use. But you definitely want to have a working smoke alarm near your guest room.
3. Proper lighting. Remember that your guests are not accustomed to your home. They will need proper lighting, both inside and outside your home. Ensure that there’s a nightlight in the bathroom they’ll use, and good lighting to get them from the guestroom to the bathroom during the night. Outdoor areas like walkways should be well lighted for their safety, as well.

Take care of these safety items now, and you can be stress free when guests arrive. Well…..maybe.

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