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Ensuring Your Garage is Ready for Inspection

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Many people don’t expect their garage to be inspected during a routine home inspection, but, in most cases, you can expect the home inspector to pay a visit to your garage. Here are the items you can expect him to take a look at during his visit.

Your garage doors are certain to be on the list of home inspection items. He will ensure that the doors are in good working order and that the can be expected to operate safely. The cross bracing and weather stripping will be checked, too.

The inspector will also check the door between the garage and your home. He will ensure that the door latches and that no doggie door is installed, since this is a carbon monoxide hazard.

The inspector will also be concerned with electrical items and with moisture issues. He will check for proper GFCI outlets and to ensure there is no exposed electrical wiring. If your circuit breaker box is located in your garage, be sure he has easy access to it and that the door opens easily.

Finally, the home inspector will check your garage for leaks, noting stains on the ceilings and large floor cracks. He will also look for evidence of moisture in the garage, like rotting wood and stains.

The biggest impediment the inspector usually faces in inspecting a garage is clutter. Be sure to clear clutter out of the way before the inspector comes. If you have attic access through your garage ceiling, be sure he is able to access this space.

Next week, we’ll begin talking about other items and areas in your home that will be examined during your home inspection and questions that homeowners have.

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