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Why Your Home Inspector’s Reputation is Important

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Choosing a home inspector is an important decision. The results of your home inspection strongly influence your final decision on whether or not to proceed in your purchase of the home. If your inspector is incompetent, or doesn\’t take the time to do a thorough inspection, you could wind up buying a home that offers a lot of surprises down the road, and we don\’t mean that you\’ll find a suitcase full of hundreds down in the basement.

That\’s why it’s important to choose a home inspector with a good reputation. The best home inspectors complete a thorough investigation of each home they inspect, and they are committed to giving sound advice about your home purchase, and to creating repeat customers.

In the Seattle and Bellevue area, there are many home inspectors you can choose from. But, before you choose, you should find out about their reputation in the professional community. Getting references from an inspector is ok, but keep in mind that he\’s unlikely to give you the name of a customer who would give him an unfavorable reference.

Instead, try talking to your realtor about home inspectors. A busy realtor has probably dealt with every inspector in the Seattle area, and he or she can tell you who has a reputation for doing a thorough job. We\’re proud to say that we are one of our area\’s most reputable home inspection companies.

Next week we’re going to start addressing some of your top ten questions, so stay tuned………

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