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Question Number 3 When Will I Get My Inspection Report?

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Most prospective homebuyers have their pre purchase inspection completed during their due diligence period. This means that they have a very short window to request repairs or back out of their contract based on the inspection results. So, as you can imagine, most prospective homebuyers are anxious to get their inspection report.

Reputable home inspectors in the Seattle area, and in most other areas of the country make it a priority to turn home inspection reports around quickly. You should expect a complete report within 24 hours of the completion of the inspection. At Key Inspection Services, we can often deliver our reports onsite at the end of the inspection.

If you\’re anxious for an even quicker report from the inspector, ask if you can be present at the inspection. If the seller and your home inspector are ok with it, you can get the news straight from the horse\’s mouth in real time. Most inspectors are happy to have you attend the inspection, and they\’ll even show you areas of concern as they find them. Of course, the information you receive at the inspection will all be verbal. You can still expect to receive a written report in a day or two.

If you schedule your home inspection as soon as you have a signed contract to buy, you should have no issue getting your inspection report during your due diligence period, allowing you plenty of time to make requests of the seller or back out of your contract.

It is important to choose a home inspector with a good reputation for customer service, meeting deadlines and thorough inspections. At Key Home Inspection Services, we\’re happy to help customers in the Kirkland and surrounding areas get great home inspections that give them peace of mind.

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