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Question Number 4 What Details Should I Expect on My Inspection Report?

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Even if you\’ve been present during your inspection, and have received a verbal description of all the issues your home inspector found, your report is very important.

The written inspection report not only serves as documentation for you regarding the issues you\’ll be facing if you buy this house, but it also is the tool that your realtor will use to negotiate repairs. A detailed report is critical to you being able to get your seller to take care of problems.

Be sure to ask up front if your home inspector takes pictures during the inspection and includes them in the report. Pictures are great tools when it comes to convincing a seller that their home truly has a problem. Those pictures also help you out in terms of finding the problem again if you end up repairing it yourself.

In addition to the pictures, the written report should be very detailed. It should be descriptive, yet avoid industry jargon that the homebuyer and seller don\’t understand.

You should also expect your home inspection report to look professional. An unprofessional home inspection report lacks credibility. This lack of credibility will be used against you as your realtor tries to negotiate repair of substandard items or a lower sales price.

At Key Inspection Services, all of our home inspectors are thoroughly trained not only in how to inspect a home, but how to write a fair, informed and professional inspection report. Our inspectors include lots of pictures to back up our findings. We are proud to create some of the most professional reports in Seattle and the surrounding areas.

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