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Question Number 5 How Will Areas of Concern Show Up on My Report?

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We all know that home inspection reports tend to be large and full of details. An inspection report should tell the story of a home, and should go into detail about all major areas. But, it\’s also important that the areas where problems exist are highlighted. A good home inspector ensures that the trouble spots are easy to find when reading the home inspection report.

At Key Inspection Services, we cover all areas of the home. We divide our findings into four major areas:

• Major Concerns – These are significant problems with the home. They should be addressed right away. Repairs should be the responsibility of the seller.

• Potential Safety Hazards – These are also serious items the seller should take care of.

• Inquire with Seller- These are items that need more clarification. They may not be major areas of concern, but there are some questions you should ask.

• Deferred Maintenance- These are things that you should know since you are about to buy the house. They are maintenance issues you\’ll have to take care of down the road.

Of course, not every home inspector will organize his inspection reports the way we do at Key Inspection Services in Seattle. But, you should expect to find the same major items highlighted, even if the order and terminology are a little different.

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