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Question Number 6 What\’s Excluded from the Inspection?

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When you\’re buying a home, you typically rely heavily on the inspection report to help you to determine several things. These include:

• Do I really want to buy this house, based on problems that are present?

• Are there repairs I should ask the current owner to make before closing?

• Am I prepared for the upcoming maintenance this home will require?

• Is this house solid and safe?

These are important questions, and you should feel good about the answers before you move forward in closing on your home. At Key Inspection Services, we work hard to ensure that our customers in the greater Seattle area have confidence in the homes they purchase. But, there are some items that our home inspections, and those of most other home inspectors, don\’t cover. You should be aware of these areas before scheduling your home inspection. Our inspections do not include:

• Swimming pools
• Hot Tubs
• Sprinkler Systems
• Security Systems
• Audio Visual Equipment
• Fountains
• Perimeter Lighting

We\’re not suggesting these items shouldn\’t be inspected. We\’re just letting you know that they\’re not part of a routine home inspection. Our suggestion is that if the home you\’re purchasing has any of these items, you might want to call in a specialist to inspect them individually, particularly if these items have some age on them.

For example, many modern swimming pools have liners. They must be replaced periodically, and the replacement can get expensive. Before you buy a home with a pool, it\’s a good idea to have a pool maintenance company take a look at the liner and the filtration system. This way you\’ll know how soon you\’ll need to replace the liner, pump and other items that keep the pool running appropriately.

Before you buy a home, you want to gain the confidence that you\’re making a good investment. Use home inspectors, both general and specialized, to ensure you\’re getting all your questions answered.

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