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Question Number 7 Should I Have Any Specialized Inspections?

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Last week, in question number six, we talked about specialty items in your home, like swimming pools, security systems and hot tubs that are not covered in general home inspections. Answering that question leads homeowners to ask if there are specialized inspections that they need in addition to their regular home inspection.

Of course, if your home has any of the specialized systems we mentioned last week, it\’s up to you to decide whether or not they need to be inspected. Take a look at them yourself as you tour the house. If they look old or in disrepair, they may need to be inspected. If it appears that they have not been used in a long time, it\’s a good idea to have them inspected. It\’s possible that the previous owner did not use them because they didn\’t work, or did not use them and is unaware of whether or not they work.

Outside of these specialty items, there could also be specialized inspections you need. One that comes to mind is a septic inspection. During a general home inspection, the inspector will do a general check of the plumbing. However, there will be no real inspection of the septic system.

Septic systems are difficult to inspect, as it requires digging into the ground to reach the tank for some items. Inspections are not normally recommended. However, if your general home inspector has concerns that there may be a problem, it may be worth the trouble. In some cases, it is simply best to request that the homeowner have the septic tank pumped out prior to closing.

For those living in the city, a sewer inspection using a sewer scope might be recommended, especially if there have been problems in the area.

Termite inspections may also be necessary. It\’s important to know that your new home is free of termites and termite damage before buying.

Different areas of the country have different requirements and needs when it comes to specialty home inspections. At Key Inspection Services, we recommend specialty inspections as needed or required here in the Seattle area.


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