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Question Number One – How Much Will a Home Inspection Cost?

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We promised you we\’d answer your top ten questions about home inspections, so here we go. One of the number one concerns about home inspections is the cost.

The cost of home inspections does vary some by geographic area. Here in the Seattle area, you can expect to pay $400-$600 for a home inspection. The price can vary by the size of the home and the number of systems to be inspected.

You\’ll find that home inspectors in a given area are usually competitively priced with each other, so it\’s unlikely you\’ll find a significantly lower price simply by choosing a different inspector. If you do, it\’s a bit of a red flag. Inspectors who charge a much lower fee might do so because they are not certified or because they don\’t have much experience. You should choose your inspector based on experience and reputation, not on price.

As with most other services, when it comes to a home inspector, you\’re likely to get what you pay for. Your new home is probably your largest investment. Having it inspected by an experienced and thorough home inspector before you buy can help you to get a heads up on potential problems and understand how much you\’re likely to spend on your home over the next few years. This is not the time to cut corners.

At Key Inspection Services, we\’ll readily admit we may not offer you the lowest price on your home inspection. But, we are priced competitively compared to other companies. And, more importantly, we have the experience and good reputation you\’re looking for.

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