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Should You Live In Your Home During a Renovation?

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If you have a big home renovation coming up, you may be wondering whether you should move out of your home for the duration of the project or attempt to stay while the work is being completed. It’s a decision that many homeowners struggle with during a renovation project. Here are some pros and cons of living in your home during renovation.

The first question you should ask is whether or not your home will even be safe to live in during renovation, especially if you have children. Even small projects like new roofing can mean a garden littered with roofing nails, which is not the best playground for little ones. If your home will be safe, you can consider the pros and cons to make your decision


You\’ll save money – In most cases, if you move out of your home, you’ll have to pay rent somewhere for the duration of your project. This can get expensive, and since you’re already spending quite a bit of money to complete the renovation itself, renting may not be in the budget.

You can oversee the project – You’ll be privy to every detail of your renovation if you’re living in the home during the project. You can keep a close eye on progress and point out any problems immediately.


You’ll be subjected to plenty of loud noise, work that begins at early hours and loads of dust.

Your workers may favor loud music while they work and you may find yourself very aggravated by having people constantly in and out of your home.

You’ll have very little privacy or quiet for the duration of the project. This is fine for some homeowners who are rarely at home during the business week anyway. It proves to be a bit of a nightmare for those who work from home.

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